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Applegate® R-Foam Insulation
Applegate® Logo Applegate® R-Foam Insulation is versatile. It can be used to re-insulate older homes that contain little or no insulation, even if the wall cavity is partially filled with old, ineffective insulation. Applegate® does what others cannot, flowing through empty space and across old materials to completely fill the wall cavity. Applegate® can be injected into the wall cavity from either the interior or from the exterior of the home. It can even be installed behind existing brick.

The video on the right will demonstrate how it works. For more information on the specifications for Applegate® R-Foam Insulation, please go to Applegate®.


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Schrock R-Foam Trailer Inside Look of Schrock R-Foam Trailer

R-Foam Installation - Sided Home R-Foam Installation - Brick Home R-Foam Installation - Clean Up