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Applegate® Spray-in Cellulose Insulation
Applegate® Logo Spray-in cellulose insulation application is the cutting-edge technology in insulation today. Our commercial truck-mounted equipment can handle the smallest home to the largest warehouse quickly and efficiently! Buildings and homes can be challenging to seal all the openings around the plumbing and wiring. The spray-in cellulose system locks in place and virtually eliminates settling.

As the installer keeps moving to spray the insulation in the walls, the excess is removed to be flush with the studs. After a short time to allow the compound to set, the drywall can be hung. The excess unused insulation is vacuumed back into the machine, completely reusable and very little waste!

For more information on the specifications for Applegate® Spray-in Cellulose insulation, please go to Applegate®.


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Installation of Cellulose Insulation Scraping Excess Cellulose Insulation Cleaning Up the Excess Insulation